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Program ideas Bosnia

Program ideas Bosnia

Rafting on Neretva River
Feel a real fun and adventure by rafting on one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Perfect solution for smaller or larger group. After full day activity with experienced skippers you will be surprised with super delicious cuisine.


Many foreign fly fishermen could simply not believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina provides with excellent fly fishing opportunities, well maintained gin clear waters full of fish, excellent catches, and all at a very modest price. However, after they had their chance to visit our rivers, most of them come back. Regardless if you want to fish small streams, medium and large size rivers, Bosnia provides you with excellent fly fishing opportunities, mainly for wild fish. You can expect to catch huge grayling, beautiful trophy size brown trout, large rainbows and of course, the biggest attraction to all fly fishermen, the Danube Salmon.

Skiing on Jahorina

Experience snow magic while skiing or snowboarding on 25 km of slopes on Jahorina . Jahorina mountain is situated 30 km from capital Sarajevo and was venue for ladies during Winter Olympic Games 1984. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,300 and 1,884 m. Combined with Termag, one of the best hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is full score for perfect stay.

Mountain biking on Bjelasnica and Vlasic

Mountain biking in Bosnia is a relatively new sport with only a small circle of dedicated bikers. This has its advantages – we have thousands of kilometers of trails that are developed so mountain bikers can RIDE FREE!

Sarajevo - the European Jerusalem

Discover why Sarajevo is called a European Jerusalem
Sarajevo is very proud of its centuries-old multicultural community, which is due to the fact that Christians (Orthodox and Catholics), Muslims and Jews... have been living here with one another for ages.

Bijambare cave

Bijambare offers visitors access to walking and biking trails, bike rentals, views of incredible natural beauty while riding in the tourist train, as well as a chance to rest and have some refreshments in a cozy mountain cabin….